Individual Curriculum Concentrations

The individual curriculum concentrations (ICC), also known as "tracks,” allow AFP residents the opportunity to focus on an individual area of study during their residency.  The resident works closely alongside faculty and non-faculty mentors to complete the ICC/tracks.  What makes AFP’s ICC/tracks unique is that they are completely resident-run and can be customized to any interest the resident may have. 

Potential ICC/tracks include but are not limited to

Wound Care Concentration Sports Medicine Concentration
Obstetrics Concentration Non-obstetrical Women’s Health Concentration
Hospital Medicine Concentration Academic Medicine Concentration
Rural Outpatient Medicine Concentration Procedures Concentration
Palliative Care Concentration Substance Abuse Concentration
Emergency Medicine Concentration Practice-based Research Concentration
Aesthetic Medicine Concentration Global Medicine Concentration
Geriatrics Concentration Leadership Concentration
OMM Concentration Endoscopy Concentration
Lifestyle Medicine Concentration  

Please contact us for more information about AFP Individual Curriculum Concentrations.