Your Interview Day

Virtual Interview

The ACGME along with the AAFP, ACOFP, STFM, and several other major family medicine organizations have encouraged residencies to have a 100% virtual match season.  AFP has adapted our process to give you a chance to see what makes AFP unique and gives us a chance to get to know you virtually.

Before Your Interview

If you are selected for an interview, you will receive a package from AFP two to three days before your interview day.  This package will contain all of the information we usually give out (our information folder, resident and faculty contact information, incentives/benefits, etc) as well as your agenda for the interview day.  It will also have various snacks and food native to Altoona along with trinkets and swag!

The night before your interview, you will have the option of virtual social hour with some of our residents for informal conversation and questions.

Interview Day

Your interview day will be completely virtual via Microsoft Teams.  We will send you the agenda and link prior to your interview day.  The day will be a half-day of information, conversation, and fun.  Our goal is to get to know you, but more importantly, for you to get to know us and everything that makes AFP great!  

We are trying to preserve the best parts of an in-person interview while taking advantage of the best parts that a virtual interview offers.  The half-day will have all of the information you would get as if you were here in-person.  A sample four-hour half-day would be

  • Virtual introductory interactive video and PowerPoint
  • 20-minute interviews with faculty and residents
  • Virtual hospital and office tour
  • Self-directed virtual community tour
  • Panel discussion with residents
  • Wrap Up "Connection Time"

Cafe Times

After your interview, we are sure you will have more questions or want to get a better feel for the program, so you may want to attend one of virtual "Cafe Times."  These 20 to 30 minute sessions on Microsoft Teams will include faculty, residents, and staff presenting a variety of topics highlighting the many strengths of our program.  Then, you will have time to interact with residents and other students who share your interests.  We'll even send you a Starbucks gift card for the coffee!  

These sessions will occur in the evenings, about once a week, and will be available to applicants who have interviewed with us or have a scheduled interview.  Topics may include

  • OB at AFP
  • Procedures at AFP
  • Job Hunting After Residency
  • Affording Family Medicine When You Have a Lot of Debt
  • Living in Altoona
  • OMM Opportunities at AFP
  • International Opportunities at AFP
  • Outdoor and Cultural Activities at AFP
  • Meet AFP's APPs
  • Wellness at AFP
  • And many more!

Hospitality Options

For the safety of you, your family, and our community, AFP would like to keep this year's interview season completely virtual.  However, we recognize that some may wish to check out Altoona and AFP in person, and we will make every effort to welcome you in an informal and safe manner.  We will strive to be flexible to meet your needs, but in order to keep with the spirit of ACGME guidelines, we may be limited.  We will do our best to accommodate you and your family late in the interview season.  We may be able to offer you the chance to meet with someone, a chance to participate in our "community scavenger hunt," or other options. An in-person visit is not required or encouraged, and it won't affect your ranking with us, but please call ahead if you are planning to visit.