Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I apply to Altoona Family Physicians?
Applications are only accepted through ERAS.  Applications or application material emailed to us will not be reviewed.  See How To Apply for more information.

When is your application deadline?
Applications are accepted until December 17. Our interview season will run from October 4 to January 14 this year.

Does Altoona Family Physicians participate in the couples match?
Yes, we participate in couples match. We have previously matched several couples.

International Medical Graduates Questions

Does Altoona Family Physicians accept applications from IMGs?  How do I apply?
Yes. Applications are only accepted through ERAS. See How To Apply for more information.

What visas are sponsored?
We sponsor H-1B and J-1 visas.

What are the requirements for an IMG to be considered for an interview?
To be considered for an interview, you must

  • Complete an ERAS application.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed, and we do not accept applications via fax.
  • Meet the requirements of the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine to obtain a graduate training license
  • Must have four years of medical school, 32 months, and 4,000 hours of instruction in a medical curriculum
  • Must have 72 weeks (minimum of 2,880 hours) of clinical rotations in US-based, ACGME-recognized programs
  • ECFMG certification
  • Complete a minimum of these rotations prior to application to our program
    • 8 weeks of Internal Medicine
    • 8 weeks of Surgery
    • 6 weeks of Pediatrics
    • 6 weeks of OB/GYN
    • 4 weeks of Family Practice or ambulatory medicine

Is there a cut-off date for graduation from medical school?
While exceptions are occasionally made, applicants who have graduated more than two years prior to their application will generally not be considered.

Will you accept someone who has failed the USMLE Step exams?  Is there a maximum number of attempts to take it?
We require a passing score, and except in rare circumstances, someone with more than one failure will not be considered.

Do you offer observerships or externships?
Unfortunately, we do not.

How will I know if I am selected for an interview?
If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted via ERAS Scheduler.  Because of the volume of applications received, we cannot provide status updates on your application.