Shikha Salhotra, MD

Education & Training

  • Medical School: Government Medical College
  • College: B.F. University of Health Sciences


Toronto, ON

Family Medicine Interests

Outpatient medicine/procedures, Behavioral health, Rural medicine, and Women’s health

Why did you choose AFP?

AFP provided an excellent full-spectrum family medicine training in addition to rural medicine that I didn’t really much experience from other programs. It stood out to me how both faculty and residents were amongst the most passionate individuals that genuinely enjoyed working together. Having the advantage of being an unopposed program; not only was I able to work with both the Pediatrics and OB Attendings; but AFP also allowed me to focus on my specific interest in Behavioral health by making way for me to work with numerous Psychiatrists within the scope of Family Medicine.


Watching horror/thriller movies (then sleeping with all the lights on), Enjoying different cultural food/street food (will work for chocolate), Hiking, Swimming, Badminton and Spending time with family/friends